We work closely with our vendors to stay up to date on emerging technologies, industry trends and standards. This gives us the ability to provide innovative control solutions to our customers.

As a member of the Rockwell Automation Machine Builder program, STM customers are assured they are getting quality equipment and qualified support from technicians that maintain their skills through trainings and contact with product engineers.

Machine Controls design is more than electrical design and programming. It is integrating the mechanical design of a machine with the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, vision and safety systems of the machine.

STM programmers are skilled in a variety of programming formats and languages allowing us to offer unique programming solutions for programmable automation controllers, machine vision and human machine interfaces.

We provide a variety of solutions from simple discrete electrical and pneumatic systems to advanced motion control design and machine vision systems.

We have particular expertise in motion control solutions. We deliver more accurate motion analysis because our mechanical and controls design staff work together to develop an optimal solution for each application. Motion applications range from simple point-to-point to sophisticated coordinated motion using servo, stepper and VFD-based systems.

We also provide services to assist our customers with troubleshooting, maintaining, updating, improving, or duplicating their existing equipment.